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Description automatically generatedVent19


The tVent19 is an emergency use ventilator made from a single 3d-printable part without any special materials or electronic components and a bi-level CPAP machine with a backup rate.

In the tVent a specially designed filtered vent prevents viral particles from being dispersed in the space surrounding the patient.

Below is a block diagram of how the tVent19 works::



Vent19ís 3d-printable emergency ventilator designs are under development and are not presently approved by the FDA.These devices should not be used for patient care until they receive approval.FDA approved ventilations should only be used under medical supervision. Emergency ventilators should only be used when a standard ventilator is not available and the supervising physician believes it may save a patientís life.These designs are being developed for and should only be used in the setting of the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, COVID-19.Use of unapproved ventilator designs may cause death.Use should only be in an emergency when the supervising physician understands the deviceís limitations and has advised the patient or their family of its limitations and the risk of death.